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SIGA at a Glance

Whenever we teach a Siga Air-Tight Construction Workshop, one of the first questions is inevitably: "How long will this stuff last?" 

It's often difficult to answer this question with certainty, though studies have shown it's certainly a very long time. SIGA has seen plenty of their 20+ year applications receive new work, which in turn allows inspections of the original applications - shown to still be sufficient. It tests well in rapid aging laboratories, but as one  can understand, there are factors that come into play over the long haul. There are going to be cases where building movement, saturation, and building damage precluding aspects from working - let alone gaps simply filled with spray foam or caulking.

SIGA products won't become embrittled as the solvents dry out, as you often see with rubber-based, or duct tapes. There are no solvents or VOC's in SIGA. Because of that, all but of one of the SIGA products have no shelf life. Having no shelf life supports the long lifespan expected of the products.

The one product that does have a shelf life is the primer Dockskin. It's not an adhesive. If you're past its shelf life, it has a bond that doesn't fail - it just gets thick and is hard to brush it onto the concrete. 

Since air-tight construction with adhesive tapes is relatively new to the US, we always ask the workshop attendees,"What do you use to seal the envelope with now?" The answers are always similar; they range from "nothing", to "caulking", or "foam".

Try it... 

What's learned by trying the SIGA system of air-tight sealing tapes is that it's a new approach that gives a more reliable result. The standard 60mm (2 1/4") wide SIGA tape will provide an 30mm (1 1/8") wide seal on both sides of the joint. You'll find so much adhesive on the tape that it will literally "move" with the substrate it's applied to. It won't tear. So with all the building movement it may be subjected to, it will handle it without failure. The inferior alternative is to make a caulk or foam that will dry out and not move with the building as it "ages in place". It's the long-term reliability that is the reason that tapes like SIGA have come to dominate the European construction market.

You'll find... 

SIGA Products are good for the project and the job site as well. There are no VOC's in any of the products to off-gas as you use them, or later in the new air-tight envelope for your customer. At the end of the airsealing stage of slab, walls, windows, or whatever needs sealing, there is no dumpster full of empty plastic caulking tubes or messy foam cans on their way to a land fill. The only thing left are cardboard roll ends, strips of release paper, and a cardboard box or two... all of which can go into the paper recycling bin.  

The exterior products page shows the product range used at or near the exterior layer. Typically all of these products have some level of vapor diffusion.

Product Range: Wall and Roof Membranes, sealing tapes for panels and penetrations, adhesives for exterior use.

The interior products page shows the product ranges used at the interior layer, or, at the exterior sheeting that will have a substantial layer of exterior insulation such as foam boards, Rock Wool etc applied. These products have a low or no diffusion rating based on their intended application.

Product Range: Air and vapor sealing tapes for all types of substrates, Applications for panel, membrane and both square and circular penetrations. Interior wall and roof membrane used for air barrier with low perm rating.

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